25 Oct 2013

Design a Golem, Win Mister Sparkles!


Earlier this month, I ran a competition where you could win a Mini Mister Sparkles for Guild Wars 2. But there was a catch: to enter, you needed to design a competition that someone else could win. It was a little fiendish and so very meta, generating a huge number of ideas. Well done to everyone that took part, and congratulations to the winners!

I still have five more Mister Sparkles Mini codes to give away. After taking the best entries from the previous contest, I think I’ve come up with a fair but flexible way that you could win one of the remaining codes.

Update: The competition is now closed, and I’ll be announcing the winners early next week. Thanks to everyone that took part!

The Second Competition

Many of the entries last time suggested a design competition. So, in true Asuran fashion, I’m asking you to design a golem of your own! You can either make it a multi-purpose assistant, or choose to specialize it in some way. The choice is completely up to you.

Here’s the twist: the design can take any form you wish. Draw a schematic. Write out a specification. Use your inventory to plan something. Create a comic to show it in action. If you want, you can even use poetry.

I’ll be judging the entries based on their Asuran principles, engineering rigor and, above all, creativity. As before, entries must be pasted as a comment on this thread. It’s also fine for you to link to external galleries or material if you need to. Just drop me a mail if the spamfilter eats your post – gazimoff [at] manaobscura.com – or if you have any other concerns.

The closing date is going to be two weeks from now on Friday, November 8th 2013. There are five Mister Sparkles Mini codes up for grabs as well, so you’re in with a good chance.

Engineers, design me a golem!

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