15 Oct 2013

Mister Sparkles Mini: The Winners (Part 1)

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Wow, a lot of you really wanted to get your hands on a Mister Sparkles Mini! And thanks to the kind folks at ArenaNet, I’m able to share even more of them. I’ve chosen five winners this time around, and one of those entries will be the basis for another competition.

That second competition starts later on this week and will run till the end of the month, so keep your eyes peeled if you weren’t lucky this time round. But before I announce who won, here’s some ideas that came close…

Honourable Mentions:

brujeria says:

Design Misses Sparkles and put both into an asuran golem wedding picture 😀  Any artwork / picture of the wedding ceremony of the two golems in an asura-like enviroment.

I’m not sure this is a good idea. It might weird out a golem.

Shock says:

Come up with a competition to come up with a competition to give away a Mister Sparkles Mini

How very meta of you…

Jack says:

Get people to make miniature real life “shrines” in their home/room in honor of mr sparkles.

Anything from semi stalker creepy (with tons of pictures of mr sparkles) to really cute with maybe a little model home, all the way to godlike as if it was an altar worshipping a god.

Yes pretty heavy on the invested time for a competition, but seeing how little there are available for people who didnt attend the event, also mandatory to not be something lame or easy.

This was definitely at the creepier end of things…

The Winners!

Hedge says:

Honestly, I see only one way to construct such a competition, whilst still keeping it true to the spirit of Asuran genius: Mr. Sparkles appreciation poetry.

The contestants must construct one poem (genre chosen by the aspiring poets themselves – bonus points for a Haiku!) themselves, in which they – in traditional Asuran fashion – must argue why Mr. Sparkles is either the best, or the worst, golem ever concieved! This includes either praising the complexity of his circuits, the finesse in his movement or the versatility of his design, or – if one opposes the idea – construct a sound (and poetic!) counter argument!

Strongfort says:

How about a “Golem VS [x]!” Screenshot competition.

Users must take an image in game of a golem style creature “facing off” (in the screenshot together) against something else in Tyria with the caption above (example “Siege Golem VS Dolyak!”). Screenshots must be a single image capturing both the golem and the object it’s supposed to be facing with the only editing being the caption.

I could envision some pretty wild and hilarious matchups using unorthodox opponent objects.

Shindig Swizz says:

AQ99-F Design Proposal for Official Challenges and Competitions (Initial Draft)

Competition Type: Golemancy Exhibition – Novice

Eligibility: All

Goal: Create a novel golem design consistent with modern Asura engineering principles. Construct a physical model prototype based on that design.

Submission Requirements: 1. Photographic and/or holographic recordings of the model prototype. 2. A design document describing, at minimum, the golem’s structure and purpose.

Judging Criteria: Creativity, practicality, and usefulness of the submitted design. Structural and aesthetic quality of the produced model.

Reward: One (1) alphanumeric code redeemable for one (1) Miniature Mister Sparkles.

Additional Notes: 1. Model prototype may be constructed from any available material the participant deems suitable (e.g. Clay, paper, glued together bits of junk, baked goods and nutrition capsules.) 2. Model prototype is not required to be functional. 3. All materials must be submitted in a digital format. Submission guidelines will be given at a later date.

Liability Disclaimer: Standard – At own risk

Submitted By: “Shindig” Swizz, Golemancer and Adventurer

(Bookah version: Design a golem and build a model of it, then submit the design along with pictures of your model. The person with the best and most creative entry gets a code. If you break something, it’s not our fault.)

TLS85 says:

The competition I think you should hold would be to have everyone create a “pack golem”! Now, you may be asking yourself, what the heck is a pack golem?

A pack golem is a golem constructed entirely out of inventory items. Contestants would have to use their imagination and come up the coolest looking golem using items found within Tyria. These items could come from anywhere: monster drops, chests, resource nodes, the trading post, karma merchants, event merchants – if it’s in the game it’s valid and it can be used!

I’ve attached this screen-shot to better demonstrate my concept.

You could impose some base rules to limit the bag sizes or number of pack slots allowed, or you could make it a free-for-all and have the best entry win!

There you have it! Lets see what the golemancers of Tyria can come up with! Scour the trading post, track down those karma/event merchants! Find the right items, use your Asuran ingenuity and build a pack golem that even Snaff would be proud of!

Msenge says:

After hearing a little conversation amongst some progeny in Metrica Province, I propose a greatest “Your Mamma’s IQ is so low…” competition. I propose for the competition that we open it up a bit to whatever topics and subjects that fit in the GW universe. So people could instead of making fun of a stupid asura mamma, choose to diss the golemancy of their fellow asura, the bearded-ness of a female norn, or the dental habits of the charr, etc. Extra points for cleverness in wordsmithing and in overall execution in capturing the asuran psyche (this is after all a competition for one of the greatest golems the asura ever built).

Ex. (in game) “Your mamma’s IQ is so low she thinks norn cows go moot”

Ex. (in game) “Your mamma’s IQ is so low she thinks Blood Legion is something you should see a doctor about.”

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who took part. All the winners have been contacted by email, but drop me a line at gazimoff[at]manaobscura.com if you have any problem. I’ll be announcing the new competition later this week, so stay tuned!

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