1 Oct 2013

Competition: Win a Mini Mister Sparkles!

mister sparkles competition copyMister Sparkles. According to Zojja, he’s the best golem in all Rata Sum. He also has a rather interesting history, even before his adventures in Guild Wars 2.

And now he can be yours. Well, at least a miniature version of him. On my recent travels to gaming expos far and wide, I’ve picked up a couple of code cards for a Mini Mister Sparkles. But I don’t want to keep these for myself – instead, I’d like to share them with those who aren’t so fortunate.

As you can see, I have two codes. But only one will be given away in this competition. You see, I’ve been wracking my brains, trying to think of an ingenious way to provide a challenge worthy of an Asura. After discarding all manner of puzzles, quizzes and tests of wit, I was hit with inspiration.

UPDATE: Did I say two codes? I meant to say ten! The kind folks at ArenaNet spotted my little giveaway and sent over eight more codes to share with everyone. This means that I’ll be giving away five codes in total for this first phase of the competition, and five more in the second phase later this month.

To win a Mister Sparkles Mini, your task is simple: come up with a competition for giving away a Mister Sparkles Mini.

The winning answer will be chosen by me, and used as the basis for a second competition for the second code.

It means everyone gets two chances to win (apart from the first winner – not even Zojja has two Mister Sparkles!), and the entire contest is deliciously meta. I think Snaff himself might approve.

To enter, post a comment below with your idea. Be sure to include a valid email address so I can contact you if you win! And get your thinking caps on, as the first competition closes on 11th October 2013. And if you have any questions, just drop me a mail: gazimoff[at]manaobscura.com.

FURTHER UPDATE: The first part of the competition is now closed! I’ll be picking winners over the weekend and be back on Monday to reveal all! And if you’re not lucky this time around, I’ll be starting the second part of this competition next week.

FURTHER FURTHER UPDATE: The Winners can be found here!

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92 Responses to Competition: Win a Mini Mister Sparkles!

  1. Nova Inferno says:

    Who can draw the best GW2 comic. Rust has a similar method but for drawings to give away beta keys for their game.

  2. Jobkessel says:

    Drawing your favorite guild wars 2 character, can also a npc in guild wars 2.

  3. Target says:

    I think a good contest would be who can come up with the best sounding song inside of Guild Wars 2 using any/all of the in game musical instruments. A contestant would be allowed to record as mean instruments as they link and combine them together into a single video for submission. The Video that gets the most fan support would be nominated the winner.

    • Target says:

      Correcting spelling:

      I think a good contest would be who can come up with the best sounding song inside of Guild Wars 2 using any/all of the in game musical instruments. A contestant would be allowed to record as many instruments as they like and combine them together into a single video for submission. The Video that gets the most fan support would be nominated the winner.

  4. Fide says:

    Descripe a map, every hour you will give us more information about the map and the first who posts the right name of the map wins.
    (Everybody who posts a wrong name is disqualified.)

  5. Cilph says:

    Maintenance for Mr. Sparkles can not be done by the average Bookah. The owner should pass the most ingenious of Asuran academic testing: GW1+2 Lore Trivia! Preferably questions that can not easily be wiki’d.

  6. Ste says:

    Design an invention like the VAL-A golem or the infinity ball to win a Snaff prize. It must be practical for Asura’s (It is a Snaff prize after all).

  7. Lam Nguyen says:

    My idea for the competition is : “Making a video about the wonderful and beautiful world of Tyria”. It would bring back nostalgia 😀

  8. Lexy says:

    Entrants should submit an album of 14 screenshots, each featuring their character standing next to an NPC or landmark beginning with a letter from Mister Sparkles name. Images shold be titled ‘X stands for …’ (where X is the letter represented) and arranged in the album so the screenshots spell out Mister Sparkles.

    Originality in theme of screenies or with appropriate links to Mister Sparkles will help select the winner.

  9. Epicrandom says:

    A scavenger hunt – choose a list of in game items (including various items picked up as part of dynamic event turn ins, specific dungeon token bought items, guild commendation items, laurel items, random junk items, a stack of rare crafting items ( >100 on trading post), meta achievement reward items, – whatever you like). The first person to email you proof (with screenshots) of all these items gets Mr. Sparkles.

  10. Wiffle says:

    Competition idea:
    (As the organizer:) Go across tyria and take screenshots of various Asuran labs, Inquest bases, or outposts involving Asura.
    For the contest, have participants race to name the Point of Interest or Area Name related to the location. The winner can either be the first person who finished, or randomly chosen from the players who got it right.

  11. lucys coldheart says:

    Why not design some general inner workings for Mister Sparkles? Share the secret and win a prize. Pics or it didn’t happen.

  12. Hedge says:

    A competition to win a Mr. Sparkles where you must invent a competition where you can win another Mr. Sparkles? Delicious!

    Honestly, I see only one way to construct such a competition, whilst still keeping it true to the spirit of Asuran genius: Mr. Sparkles appreciation poetry.
    The contestants must construct one poem (genre chosen by the aspiring poets themselves – bonus points for a Haiku!) themselves, in which they – in traditional Asuran fashion – must argue why Mr. Sparkles is either the best, or the worst, golem ever concieved! This includes either praising the complexity of his circuits, the finesse in his movement or the versatility of his design, or – if one opposes the idea – construct a sound (and poetic!) counter argument!

    May the best scholar win!

  13. Rev Soul says:

    I would say a Marathon, all participating players should start a new character (Asura) if possible all guest in the same server (or in 2 different ones as EU/NA) the 1st player getting to Orr to Arah gate would be the winner. (i would say actually complete the story line but you need 5 players for it so it could happen to be more then 1 winner and that is no good)

  14. Nardo says:

    To win a Mini, one must be best buddies with the orginal.
    The beste screenshot of Mister Sparkles with your character wins

  15. brujeria says:

    Design Misses Sparkles and put both into an asuran golem wedding picture 😀 Any artwork / picture of the wedding ceremony of the two golems in an asura-like enviroment.

  16. Pip Clank says:

    An art competition would be great!
    Give people a specific drawing challenge. Draw Mr.Sparkles, draw a character, a NPC, a funny comic etc.
    Not only does this idea spark the creativity in people but it contributes to the fanart of GW2 which sadly is quite lackluster in comparison to other MMO’s

  17. Celestial says:

    I believe an amazing contest would be to design your own Golem! Within the contest you would create your golem and describe its different features, how it works and even draw what you want it to look like. The winner would be picked on the most origonal or awe-inspiring idea, to prove (s)hes the most worthy of the Amazing Mr Sparkles!

  18. Shiva89 says:

    An underwater race. Possibly in a dangerous/ difficult to reach place, players can’t use weps abilities for gather up speed or healing. Referee will check players (another idea is to make them transform with tonics).

  19. brad says:

    Simple but fun. Whoever cab take the best/coolest/funniest picture with the real mister sparkles. If he approves then I’m sure he wouldn’t mind tearing off a chunk of himself and making it into a mini for the winner 🙂

  20. Jonael says:

    Hey there,

    maybe try something new and unique for this contest and not repeat what other contests have already done. But it should have to do with Guild Wars 2 (of course) and something to get our creative minds busy. I suggest a Dungeon Design Contest! Dungeon Theme would be, of course, Asura Technology. Everything else would be up to you. Draw a map (or describe it), design interesting paths, riddles, enemies and a challenging end boss. The best concept would win and get the loot of this precious dungeon: Mr. Sparkles! I think, you have to have some restrictions like maximum 3.000 words and Asura Technology has to appear/used in the dungeon. Gazimoff could then choose five or three favorites and the community would vote for the best entry.

  21. Dimitris says:

    I think that since Mr. Sparkles, and all golems, are inventions a good competition would be to describe the best existing invention in Tyria, not only asuran but any race’s, in one’s opinion and why it is so. Whether it is charr invention, human, asuran etc. Anything would do. Material from the GW novels can also be used. Also remember to justify 🙂

  22. matjamhar says:

    Have a mini as close to the same pose as it’s in-game counterpart. The more interesting and dangerous the pose the better. I.e. Tequatl mini hovering to attack while the real one does so in the background, mini siege golem attacking Stonemist with it’s significantly larger sibling. It will take timing and understanding of in-game npc behavior, situational awareness and the skill to stay alive (no downed or dead player screenshots allowed).

  23. bonzo says:

    A tonic race! Each participant will use a tonic of sorts, and do a race going through several checkpoints. Even better if everyone uses a tonic transform one to a mini golem, JUST LIKE A MINI MISTER SPARKLES!

  24. Galin says:

    Design a GUI update that you think will be useful in GW2. Frames? Consumable quick slot?

  25. Agar says:

    The Great Tyrian DANCE OFF!

    Get a picture (or gif?) of your self or toon while doing a well known tyrian dance!

    No dancing daggers or blades allowed…

  26. Valin the End says:

    A contest of why do you love gw2 😀

  27. Arrow Slanger says:

    Mr. Sparkles Meta Event Giveaway
    Name those Meta Events – Win a Mini Mr. Sparkles!

    The contest is simple. You must name the Meta Events and the locations they take place in. But there’s one catch, the descriptions of the Meta Events are vague, non detailed, and extremely uncommon. So put on your thinking caps and start searching!

    The Towers! We need help! Are you going to check it out? That should take care of it! .ale-fists hit hard. ~Gulp~

    You may want to use 3 – 5 Meta Events so the contest lasts a while.

  28. Liraiel says:

    Contestants must correctly identify multiple locations in the game (let’s say 10) from looking at screenshots taken and selected by you (the holder of the Mini Sparkles).

  29. Mobius Ezius says:

    I think the contest should be a series of clues for landmarks across Tyria. It could be in the form of riddles or even lore; Lore of a historic battle, a landmark, a hard to reach place, or something even small that would be hard to find or even requires research into the history of the world.

    Since the GW2 is full of lore and has a rich history, it would be nice to see some exploration and clue hunting being done, you never know you might learn something! 😛

  30. biggietoot says:

    A gw2 character look alike contest, players dress up characters as any iconic figure whether from another game, movie, book, etc… whoever has the most accurate and interesting look alike wins

  31. Jack Lafayette says:

    As every asura knows, all true geniuses must recognize the roots of genius. For this contest, each participant must submit seven to ten screenshots depicting the source of various magical and material components that comprise Mr. Sparkles. These can be anything from a mine where Flummox sourced his iron to a place of power where Zojja charged one of Sparkles’ power crystals (it helps to be aware of the golem’s general history). Creativity is a huge plus! Each screen should be accompanied by a textual description/background of no more than 50 words.

  32. Shock says:

    Come up with a competition to come up with a competition to give away a Mister Sparkles Mini

  33. Sam says:

    A comic contest to draw their personal lives if they had their own Mister Sparkles robot.

  34. Beatt says:

    Here it is!! One of the greatest golems ever made, one of the only golems created by two independent golemancer genius in differents circumstances. An old school Flummox’s framework able to resist an entire orde of jotun, characterized by the Destiny’s Edge master-mind Zojja and… ridiculously named by that Gnashblade supporter sylvari assistant… Sareb.

    Mr. Sparkles should join a real golemancer adventurer, an adventurer able to find real challenges helping develop such a majestic technology, the one who knows how to ride a wide variety of golems from all corners of Tyria could be the choosen…

    Indeed, Mr. Sparkles will join the one who bring evidence (aka screenie) of every known golem in our vast world, the more evidence of diferents golems you find the more odds for you to be rewarded with the priceless friendship Mr. Sparkles.

    That’s all bookah, gotta catch them all, what are you waiting for??

    The Geeky Golemancer Beatt

  35. Lithril says:

    Naked Mile=
    Starting from the Asuran home, run by foot (NO PORTING) to the charr area/to LA.
    Traits are allowed…ARMOR IS NOT – weapons allowed.

    Escorts are not allowed to wear armor either, these are non competators in a party with each other to watch over everyone to make sure no one cheats and to guide the parties.

    winning team to get inside first gets entry into the last and final competition. in which the party will compete with itself 🙂

  36. Strongfort says:

    How about a “Golem VS [x]!” Screenshot competition.

    Users must take an image in game of a golem style creature “facing off” (in the screenshot together) against something else in Tyria with the caption above (example “Siege Golem VS Dolyak!”). Screenshots must be a single image capturing both the golem and the object it’s supposed to be facing with the only editing being the caption.

    I could envision some pretty wild and hilarious matchups using unorthodox opponent objects.

  37. 06kellyjac says:

    The best character name relating to gw2 lore (Asuran gw2 lore gains bonus points 😀 )

  38. Olrun The Blade says:

    Best ingame screenshot of Mr. Sparkles in action.

  39. Shindig Swizz says:

    AQ99-F Design Proposal for Official Challenges and Competitions (Initial Draft)
    Competition Type: Golemancy Exhibition – Novice
    Eligibility: All
    Goal: Create a novel golem design consistent with modern Asura engineering principles. Construct a physical model prototype based on that design.
    Submission Requirements: 1. Photographic and/or holographic recordings of the model prototype. 2. A design document describing, at minimum, the golem’s structure and purpose.
    Judging Criteria: Creativity, practicality, and usefulness of the submitted design. Structural and aesthetic quality of the produced model.
    Reward: One (1) alphanumeric code redeemable for one (1) Miniature Mister Sparkles.
    Additional Notes: 1. Model prototype may be constructed from any available material the participant deems suitable (e.g. Clay, paper, glued together bits of junk, baked goods and nutrition capsules.) 2. Model prototype is not required to be functional. 3. All materials must be submitted in a digital format. Submission guidelines will be given at a later date.
    Liability Disclaimer: Standard – At own risk
    Submitted By: “Shindig” Swizz, Golemancer and Adventurer

    (Bookah version: Design a golem and build a model of it, then submit the design along with pictures of your model. The person with the best and most creative entry gets a code. If you break something, it’s not our fault.)

  40. Mif says:

    1) Make a video of yourself dancing “The robot”
    2) Upload to YouTube
    3) Best one wins a robot

  41. Jack says:

    Get people to make miniature real life “shrines” in their home/room in honor of mr sparkles.

    Anything from semi stalker creepy (with tons of pictures of mr sparkles) to really cute with maybe a little model home, all the way to godlike as if it was an altar worshipping a god.

    Yes pretty heavy on the invested time for a competition, but seeing how little there are available for people who didnt attend the event, also mandatory to not be something lame or easy.
    Jack recently posted..The Basement Game (Poker Prop Bet Additions)My Profile

  42. GR33NS says:

    The Battle of Speed: A race. You could have everyone guest onto the same server at a certain time and have them race across or around a map. Of course, cheating would be easy to do through waypoints, so I would suggest having ‘officers’ or ‘officials’ who volunteer to stand at waypoints people would be likely to travel to. This way if anyone tries to port, an officer would see, take note, and have them disqualified. Each race, class, and weapon set could play a part in how fast a person can travel across a map which would end up requiring a certain amount of skill to win. You could pick a map where the player has to choose whether to go up and over a mountain or around it, costing them valuable seconds.

    Also I think it would be funny to see 100+ people charging across the map atytempting every possible move to give them an advantage.

  43. James says:

    Hide and Seek in LA, no jumping puzzles. The person hosting the competition is the first seeker. Once he has found someone that person also becomes a seeker. Last person found is winner.

    • James says:

      Forgot to mention, each person found becomes a seeker, so there will be an increasing amount of seekers and decreasing amount of hiders. This will speed up the game. Also this can be done in heats, depending on how fast people are found. to have an final ultimate hide and seek where the last few contestants are the only hiders and everyone from the previous rounds are the seekers, leaving a final winner.

  44. Dehil says:

    Oh no! Mr. Sparkles has been miniaturised by the Inquest! While Zojja is certain this does not render him as useless as they may hope (and doesn’t he look adorable!), she would prefer him to be back to his normal size.
    So, she needs help designing an anti-shrink-ray. And that would be your job genius.
    Design the physical appearance/diagram/blueprint of said device, name it, and submit it to Zojja for testing.
    Only Geniuses need apply. Those with IQs below 162 may apply for posts as test subjects. Safety not guaranteed.

  45. Ethan Kensler says:

    A fun competition would be to come up with the best guild wars 2 related joke. Tyrian knock knock jokes. How many seraph does it take to change a light bulb. Orrian your mama jokes. Who’s in LA… Then have the community choose the funniest through a ladder system putting jobless against each other until the best and funniest GW2 joke has been found.

  46. Bullet says:

    Write and record a Guild Wars 2 song. Could be anything from a hilarious spoof on Logan Thackeray to something of a romantic ballad about how you love Mr. Sparkles featuring some Jazz flute (that’s what Ron Burgandy would do)

  47. Troi the kint says:

    I think a good competition would be something that anyone can participate in. So why not do a “find a good tyria quote”.The objective would be to find a good/funny quote that a npc says that is not very well known from players, take a screenshot and send it to you.

    sorry for my english
    Troi the kint.

  48. I would recommend to just make a little Game over the whole world:
    1 Player is just hiding. And every hour you give a little tipp. The first one who finds you, will get it 😉
    Thats a BIG Seek and Hide 😀
    I hope this helps you and i have a chance to get it^^

    i would also be able to hide if you want 😉

  49. Kevin says:

    Moa race between 5 people random selected and choose one moa for each person.

    Lucky win

  50. Michael says:

    I think the best way would be a screenshot contest, the people should submit screenshots with their favourite Mini and location.

    It shouldn’t be restricted too much, no number of mini’s, but maybe a limit like 1-3 screenshots (to make the choosing doable)

  51. Krys says:

    My idea for a contest would be to make a little comic strip using screenies from gw2. Maybe 3-4 screen shots of your character, and your favorite mini pet. Captions could be included in the comic as well to help increase the humor! (Couldn’t hurt to include Zojja or the REAL Mr. Sparkles in the screen shots.. just sayin!)

  52. Lyana Arkana says:

    My idea:
    “Halloween Costume Contest

    Halloween is coming closer and closer. We are looking for the best dressed Halloween Fan.
    So get up and fashion up for a costume contest. Your enthusiastic as well as creative participation is appreciated!”

    How to Participate:
    Submit a screenshot of your character wearing halloween-themed armor and dyes (weapon and town clothes also count). Get creative, mix armor sets and find the Mad Kings spirit in yourself. Not only armor and dyes will be judged also the place were the screenshot has been taken is important.

    Rules explanation:
    *Multiple submissions, plagiarism, and use of inappropriate content shall be grounds for disqualification.
    * do not edit the images (photoshop etc..), as this is a screenshot-based event (turning off ui is desired, yet not a must)
    * being a single reward that cannot be split as it is, screenshots presenting more than 1 player will be ignored

  53. Ichi Sumeragi says:

    The one who does the best in-game cosplay of Mister Sparkles.

  54. khaosstar says:

    Find as many Krewes as you can in the game and take a screenshot of yourself next to one of their members as proof of your deed. Krewes are dispersed throughout Tyria and only the dedicated and astute will be able to find them all.

  55. Frostebyte says:

    A screenshot hunt.

    You or maybe the community could find semi-well-known landscape,monuments and/or even a item they have to obtain etc and screenshot them such as a scavenger hunt. Whichever person is able to locate the landscape,monument and/or item first and able to send proof with a screenshot would win. Therefore allowing anybody to participate and wouldn’t need any artistic skill.

  56. Gabriel says:

    Hello !

    We could make a treasure hunt ? like an orienteering race, we put some guys in the map and with some clues we could find these guys and they will give us another clue etc and then we win the treasure hunt (orienteering race) ^^.

    Maybe hard to make it right but it could be really awesome !


  57. Keith Yonai says:

    Mr. Sparkles mini giveaway contest:

    In the spirit of Halloween/Mad King Thorn day, design and make an IRL Mr. Sparkles costume. This can be any size and worn by you, a child(mini sparkles) or a pet but it has to be a wearable costume. This will show off creativity and commitment of time to win one of these rare Mr. Sparkles minis and you’ll get a sweet Halloween costume to boot!

  58. Wolfy says:

    I think a screenshot competition with a certain theme would be great! Because if you were to hold a fan-art competition or comic-strip competition, then a lot of people wouldn’t be able to enter because they don’t draw. With a screenshot competition, anyone can enter!

    There should also be a certain theme with the competition, such as: cutest couple, best quaggan screenshot, or most awesome armor.

  59. Taskumatti says:

    For a giveaway with the fanciest golem in all of tyria as a reward, the competition should absolutely include asura tech and golems. I’d say a competition where any kind of entry is allowed, a screenshot, artwork, statue, even a real life size replica of Mark I Assault golem, everything that would shout out ASURAN SUPREMACY.

  60. TLS85 says:

    Hey Gazimoff!

    The competition I think you should hold would be to have everyone create a “pack golem”! Now, you may be asking yourself, what the heck is a pack golem?

    A pack golem is a golem constructed entirely out of inventory items. Contestants would have to use their imagination and come up the coolest looking golem using items found within Tyria. These items could come from anywhere: monster drops, chests, resource nodes, the trading post, karma merchants, event merchants – if it’s in the game it’s valid and it can be used!

    I’ve attached this screen-shot to better demonstrate my concept.

    You could impose some base rules to limit the bag sizes or number of pack slots allowed, or you could make it a free-for-all and have the best entry win!

    There you have it! Lets see what the golemancers of Tyria can come up with! Scour the trading post, track down those karma/event merchants! Find the right items, use your Asuran ingenuity and build a pack golem that even Snaff would be proud of!

  61. To win a Mr. Sparkles code entrants need to recreate a person or place in Guild Wars 2 completely out of LEGOs. Alternatively, folks can submit screenshots of people and places of Tyria designed in Minecraft. Note that the Infantile Mode cloud doesn’t count!

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  63. ceadon says:


    Write a letter, petition, or short story from the PoV of one or more Minis trying to recruit Mr. Sparkles into the player’s Collection.

  64. MeekestMonster says:

    I’m going to be strange here, and suggest a contest that I would NOT have the guts to enter myself: a TYRIAN IDOL COMPETITION! Have people record themselves singing a song relating to Guild Wars 2 – song could be original, or an existing song/tune modified to include GW2-themed lyrics. Winner could be chosen based on creativity, not best singing voice. It’d be fun and embarrassing for all!

  65. hardband says:

    A challenge worthy of a true Asura:

    Make the most crazy, strange, fun, weird or just generally awesome invention.

    It must perform the desired task and proof of this must be shown, either through a series of images or a video. The invention can be made by any method, from extremely simple cardboard structures, to blistering difficult quantum engineering. Judging will be done subjectively on what he thinks is the most interesting invention for whatever reason he so chooses.

    Surely Mister Sparkles, deserves a genius as its owner.

  66. mrsing says:

    describe a place in tyra by some lovely but spare details and the right answer wins. simple.

  67. Orlando Vasquez says:

    Design a story featuring Mr Sparkles after the Guild Wars 2 content. Continue his legacy past his already scribed mythos.

  68. Scottyboy1987 says:

    How about a “treasure hunt”. Will require a few people – starting in lions arch, a clue as to the next persons location would be given,in a cryptic manner- in escalating difficulty until the last clue leads to yourself 🙂 winner 😀

  69. Norman says:

    How about the player with the most interesting name wins a Mini Mister Sparkles? 🙂

  70. Zurish says:

    An in-game drinking tournament, via Belcher’s Bluff style! Probably one of the fairest and least biased methods to go about a contest 😀

  71. OneBigPear says:

    On one hand I want to propose something completely unreasonable, like a draw where if you win you have to delete your main character cold (with all armour and inventory on its person); on the other hand, I think that is the worst idea ever … So don’t choose it!

    I like the idea of a screenshot comic.

  72. KaiFirefist says:

    You can do a hide and seek game.
    The first one who finds you and can show you a fireworks or something is the winner.
    I know the gw2 world is very big, so you can give a hint every 2 hours.

  73. randy93552 says:

    I would love to see a golem battle for the mini. Have people drink a golem potion and duke it out. First to get the crown wins the match. Could have various judges watching over multiple fights to make elimination go quicker.

    I think there are rings that would work for this in metrica province.

  74. Nicky says:

    Write a Asura manual how a Golem is build!

  75. Tyrox says:

    People should write a short story why exactly they need/want that Mini so bad. And tell on what adventures they would take the mini sparkles. And what they want to do with him.

  76. Shaun Coates says:

    GW2 New Feature Design Contest

    A contest to design a new feature that you wish would be added to Guild War 2. The winning design would be one that builds off of existing GW2 principles (fun, exploration, beauty, social, etc), in the most cohesive manner possible.
    Shaun Coates recently posted..DNA DatabaseMy Profile

  77. Patty says:

    A contest to write a funny/silly short story about what Mister Sparkles does when he gets time off. What are his hobbies, where does he go?
    The funniest wins!

  78. Teraphas says:

    I think the best contest would be to go to really off the beaten path locations and take screenshots. Then post them and the first person to find and take screenshots of themselves at these locations wins.

    And I am not talking inside of Don’t touch the shiny’s halls of the unseen off the beaten path. I am talking things like the tomb in sparkfly fen that you only find if you go beyond the end of a Vista run and Halen to notice the foot prints leading thru the bushes into a hidden cave that contains a tomb that I have yet to find anyone that knows of an event/story in there. Or maybe a series of near invisible beams connecting pillars in a far off corner of a dungeon. Or even the torch that states a hidden event in AC. These type of off the beaten path locations.

    Oh and if you choose this contest and don’t know where my the examples are I will happily show you just email me.

  79. Tzao says:

    Create a better backstory on why Zojja bought Mister Sparkles in the first place, a short story on what was going on inside Zojja’s mind that made her interested on the golem instead of making her own.

  80. Andreas says:

    How about a competition, who can write the best short story or continue a story that is being given to them from a Book of the Durmand Priory, or alternatively base one on that. That might lead to some interesting interpretations of the lore.

  81. kiblet says:

    Contest could be whoever can come up with the best afternoon within gw2 that will be spent with a new mini mr sparkles.

  82. Wonders says:

    Let’s create a quotes scavenger hunt contest. You (or me, if I win phase 1) can come up with a series of npc quotes. The contestants must not only know where the quote is from, but also take a screenshot of their character and the quote. The first contestant to send in screenshots of all the quotes wins. I think this can get pretty interesting/challenging if we choose ambient NPC chatter, or quotes from personal story lines…

    • Ely says:


      First of, I know of several people selling those minis rather than having people compete for it, so thanks for organizing a give away 🙂

      As for the idea : I had a “similar” idea a few months back to give away a Shield precursor, so I started writing a back story for legendaries, followed by a scavenger hunt with riddles for steps.
      So what I’d say is Scavenger hunt for items and places in the game that could be part of the story of Mister Sparkles. I do have several ideas already, which would ask people to go throughout Tyria, without asking them to know every line of the game, but enough to visit again some places they’ve only glanced at or haven’t yet explored.

      I think such a give away should also be fun, not a tedious research of a half-bugged place you can only access using jump skills. After the scavenger hunt is designed, put it up for ~1 week so people can look around and choose randomly amongst the people who completed it. Because you know, Asuras are unpredictable 😉

  83. Talar says:

    Haiku contest about why your “love” for Me. Sparkles

  84. Bushi no hime says:

    a competition for the biggest fall dmg or larger dmg undergoes in one shot.

  85. Ph03nix says:

    A contest to design your own ultimate golem! Using any medium: Pen & Pencil, Computer, words, clay, etc. Design your very own perfect golem for the Guild Wars 2 universe. Contestants should provide a name, function, and some description of the appearance of their golem. Let the Golemancy begin!

  86. Msenge says:

    After hearing a little conversation amongst some progeny in Metrica Province, I propose a greatest “Your Mamma’s IQ is so low…” competition. I propose for the competition that we open it up a bit to whatever topics and subjects that fit in the GW universe. So people could instead of making fun of a stupid asura mamma, choose to diss the golemancy of their fellow asura, the bearded-ness of a female norn, or the dental habits of the charr, etc. Extra points for cleverness in wordsmithing and in overall execution in capturing the asuran psyche (this is after all a competition for one of the greatest golems the asura ever built).

    Ex. (in game) “Your mamma’s IQ is so low she thinks norn cows go moot”
    Ex. (in game) “Your mamma’s IQ is so low she thinks Blood Legion is something you should see a doctor about.”

  87. Marl says:

    How about a best unique new fractal idea. The GW lore has a lot of neat stories/events, etc that have yet to be explored. To the best ideas go the sparkles. Extra emphasis on new and original ideas with decent depth in story. I’d like to see ideas that stem from facts and bits we know extrapolated from the lore and not just ideas of doing various historic events. Less, “fractal on the Foefire in Ascalon” and more “we know the Wizards tower was moved between GW1 and GW2, how about a fractal on that” (obvious with a bit more detail etc.).

  88. Blackice2134 says:

    To stay with the spirit of Snaff and everything the Asura stand for, I think a great competition would be to come up with a brand new amazing Asura invention. Mr. Sparkles is the pinnacle of golem technology, so contestants should prove they have what it takes to match Zojja with their own intellect and wit. Criteria can include everything from advanced Asuran gadgets with wonderful properties to simple tools to make a bookah’s life easier and exploit them for cash.

    Submissions could take place in multiple forms, like creating an invention out of real materials, making a video demonstrating the invention, or writing a story about how it would work (like the Super Adventure Box short story). This would allow a wide variety of people to enter and show off their creativity in many different forms to keep the contest interesting.

    Due to Arena Net helping out, the five best and most creative inventions would win their very own miniature. The winners will show they are deserving of the brilliance that is Mr. Sparkles!