Mage Resources

Cataclysm Note: I’m currently in the process of updating this page with Cataclysm info. In the meantime, please check out my own guides.

This page contains links to every single mage resource I’ve been able to locate. It covers everything from leveling your new mage all the way through to raiding and PVP. It also provides links to places where you can find mage advice, some of the best mage blogs out there and where to go for further information.

This list will never be complete, as new information emerges all the time. If you spot something that’s worth inclusion, or if you’re a writer yourself that wants to share something, feel free to contact me or add a comment at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to Zelmaru at Murloc Parliament and Gnomeageddon at Armageddon’s Coming for providing much of the information here.

General Guides & Compendiums

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Talent Specs & Glyphs

Spells, Rotations and Playstyles

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Dungeons & Raids

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Roleplay Guides

Other Mage Resources

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