If you’re interested in getting hold of me, there’s a variety of ways that you can choose.

  • If I’ve written something that you like, leave a comment! I read every comment I get, and most of them I’ll publish and reply to.
  • You can mail me! Send an email to and I’ll get right on it.
  • I’m online in World of Warcraft a fair chunk. If you want to chat in-game, check out the Characters page to find out which servers I’m on and which characters I play. You can always send me an in-game mail if I’m not online.
  • I’m also on Twitter. If you’re interested, follow me @Gazimoff. I don’t always talk about WoW though, so you’ll get some general videogaming stuff in there too. If you just want the Blog updates and occasional retweet of an interesting article, follow @ManaObscura.

You can also use the form below to send me a message if you prefer.

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