Advertising Policy

Let’s be honest, running a blog is an expensive thing. Running a blog, a podcast and now even a Youtube channel gets even more expensive. There’s things like hosting, hardware (good quality mics and sound gear), software (video and audio editing, video capture) and so on. It can get pretty pricey pretty quickly.

That said, this blog doesn’t run to make a profit. It’s a hobby that’s done for fun, rather than as a business that’s intended to make money. And importantly, the readers come first. I won’t be wanting to make a fast buck and at the same time alienate or disrupt the same people who’ve helped my blog to grow and develop and be shared.

There are, however, a few ways in which you can support Mana Obscura. And if you have any questions about any of this, feel free to contact me!


Donations are a great way to support the blog in a quick and easy way. You can donate via PayPal – just click the Caffeine Cache button in the side for the link. If you leave a note with your donation, we might include it in a mention during the podcast or on the blog. Things like personal shouts, guild recruitment requests and that kinda thing go well with a donation. That said, don’t feel you have to donate to get any of these things, just drop me an email!


I currently use Project Wonderful and Google Adsense as my advertising partners of choice. If you’d like to advertise on the site, feel free to place and bid on advertising spots.

The following adverts are not permitted on the site:

  • Real money trade services, or firms or organisations that explicitly or implicitly support real money trade activities
  • Private server advertising
  • Hacking, ‘botting’ or other game expliot products or services
  • Virtual item trade, such as character or account sales. The only exception to this is virtual item cards such as the Warcraft Trading Card Game loot cards.
  • Other activities that may be against the Terms of Use of the core games that I am reporting on
  • Pornography, adverts that incite racial hatred or discrimination, or other materials as I deem inappropriate for my readership.

I reserve the right to reject adverts that I deem unsuitable, without prior notice and without providing justification.

Review Products

I am happy to provide reviews of products or services, and am willing to write and publish said reviews. Please note that reviews will not be provided in exchange for money. Articles that have been supported in this way will mention that a sample was provided for review.

Please note that providing a review sample does not not give you editorial control over the review.


You’re welcome to make offers of sponsoring the blog, The Obscurecast podcast, the youtube video channel or a combination of the above. Please contact me with your proposals.

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