1 Mar 2012

And Now We Are Two

Another year, another anniversary! It’s now been two years since I started Mana Obscura, intending to share my views on mages in World of Warcraft. Since then it’s been an adventure through several different MMOs, from Lord of the Rings Online through to the upcoming Guild Wars 2. There’s never been a dull moment!

It’s been all change here as well. I’ve since handed the Obscurecast podcast over to the very able Razerbug and Damarai. They’ve since been joined by Sil, with the trio doing an excellent job with the show! My old co-host Pewter has also been busy starting up her new blog under the great title Decoding Dragons.

Then there’s the third piece of news: I’ve recently joined ZAM.com as a staff writer! I’ll be covering new and upcoming MMOs, as well as providing the odd piece of comment and opinion. It’s an interesting role as I’m now writing for an editor, agreeing assignments and having my articles copyedited before they’re published, but I’m learning a huge amount about writing as well.

I’m not going to be sitting back though – the MMO landscape is constantly changing and there’s always going to be something new to write about. There are new games and new designs constantly being revealed, providing a continual feast of material to dissect and chew on. Any hopes of me going quiet are sadly dashed.

I’m honestly grateful to you all for joining me through it thus far, and I really hope that you’ll stick with me for another few years yet. There’s a long way to go on this MMO adventure and I’m only just getting started.

All my thanks,


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