8 Dec 2011

SWTOR Razer Naga Setup Guide

Razer Naga MoltenIf you’ve been playing MMOs for a while then there’s a fair chance that you’ve splashed out on some specialist kit to improve your gaming. One of the most common accessories is a Razer Naga – a high quality gaming mouse bristling with buttons to make spells and abilities easier to execute.

I’ve been using one of these in Warcraft for a while, but I was also keen on getting it set up for Star Wars: The Old Republic. While Bioware’s MMO doesn’t explicitly support the Razer Naga, it’s very easy to reconfigure it and unlock the untapped power lurking in your Mouse. This guide should cover everything you need to get up and running, as well as a few pointers to some more advanced features.

To set up the Razer Naga for Star Wars: The Old Republic start by finding the mode switch underneath the mouse. In ‘123’ mode the thumb grid of mouse buttons map to the strip of number keys along the top of your keyboard. For me this isn’t very helpful as I tend to fire primary abilities with my left hand using these keys. By switching it to ‘num’ mode the thumb grid buttons map to the number keypad on the far right of the keyboard – something I never use while gaming.

The next step is to go in-game and start mapping these buttons to useful actions. The easiest way to do this is to create a fresh action bar. These action bars are called Quickslot bars in SWTOR. By going into the game preferences it’s possible to add a Left and Right Quickslot bar from the User Interface settings. So far, so good.

Enable Quickslots in the UI

We then need to bind the number keypad presses to one of these Quickslot bars. To do this, select the Key Bindings tab in the bottom of the Preferences pane, then scroll down the list of bindings until you find the Left Quickslot ones. In this example I’ve bound the number keypad keys to Left Quickslot 1 through 9. The bindings for Left Quickslot 10, 11 and 12 are zero, minus and plus on the keypad. This should ensure that all the buttons on the Razer Naga are mapped through to the Quickslot bar in SWTOR.

Configuring Quickslot Bindings

The final step is to just drag abilities onto the quickslot bar in order to make them available for the Razer Naga to use. If you don’t want to use the bindings for a particular character then just disable the quickslot bar  to stop the bindings from working. You can also leave specific buttons unbound if you prefer – I prefer to reserve button 3 for the Ventrilo or Mumble Push-to-Talk key.

That’s it for the basics. If you fancy a go at some more advanced features then just fire up the Razer Naga driver panel. From there you can reconfigure individual buttons to any keypress on the keyboard. You can even record macros that you can map to a button. The best way to learn how to use these features is to experiment and see what you can come up with.

Razer Naga configuration panel

That’s it for this quick guide, and I hope you found it useful. If you get stuck, need help or have a question then just shout in the comments.

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