6 Aug 2011

Rebuilding My Blogroll

If you saw the splash page earlier or read one of the various tweets on Twitter, today there’s been a bit of a change going on at Mana Obscura. I’ve decided that it was high time to move from shared hosting to a virtual private server and save a wedge of cash every month in the process. What’s the difference? One’s like buying a toy car while the other’s like an Airfix model. Some assembly required.

As always when moving home there are some things that get broken, and websites are no exception. It seems that in the move from there to here my blogroll has been lost. The list of sites I read and recommend has vanished.

I could try and scribble it down from memory but I’d probably miss a ton of great blogs that I really should be reading. So I figure it’s about time to give it a refresh anyway – off with the no-longer-updated and in with the fresh new content!

If you think there’s a blog out there I should be reading (even your own) then post it in the comments! I’ll be updating my blogroll over the weekend, adding ones that fit with the theme of the site (gaming, MMOs, geek culture, etc). Don’t be afraid to suggest podcasts as well while you’re there!

Thank you all for your help and patience while I finish ironing things out and unpacking stuff from teacrates. Hopefully it won’t be much longer.

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6 Responses to Rebuilding My Blogroll

  1. Chris Hanel says:

    You could link that webcomic THE DAILY BLINK which in no way is an AWESOME SITE and I think that if you told people to READ THE DAILY BLINK, I don’t think we could be internet friends anymore.
    I mean, seriously. *pfft*
    Chris Hanel recently posted..But My Liege, He is But One ManMy Profile

  2. Dvotee says:

    Well you can always link to mine as I tweeted you the other day
    It’s still in the early stages and replaces another blog I ran, trying to brand ‘dvotee’ haha

    Anyways it will be World of Warcraft related as well as my other gaming escapades, it will offer news, reviews and details of what I get up to.
    Please check it out and hey whilst your there why not sub, just realised Im not to you and will rectify that immediately
    Dvotee recently posted..The Battlefield Community – Somalia Relief Charity EventMy Profile

  3. Vrykerion says:

    Well, there’s always The Land of Odd (landofodd.wordpress.com). I hear the guy who writes it has a pretty awesome hat. >.> <.< ^_-
    Vrykerion recently posted..In Defense of Tirion Fordring (Part I)My Profile

  4. Jamin says:

    I’m looking to free myself from blogger soon too, and get my own hosting or whatever (Still new to me). Hopefully I won’t loose anything! πŸ™‚

    Check out mine, see what you think: http://www.ShatteredBeginnings.blogspot.com

    – Jamin
    Jamin recently posted..A Ride to Escape!My Profile

  5. Jaedia says:

    These folk are all fantabulous: http://menagerie.jaedia.net/?page_id=2407 Yes, I did just link my blogroll.
    Jaedia recently posted..The β€˜I’m Still Here’ RambleMy Profile

  6. Cold says:

    Hey Gaz! Would love to have my main site and podcast added to the blogroll here at Mana Obscura along with any others you find interesting.

    http://coldsgoldfactory.blogspot.com – Warcraft Site Teach You How To Make In-Game Gold.
    http://auctionhousejunkies.com – The WoW Gold Making Podcast with Me and Wes from http://wwwcappedbycata.com

    http://goldgrubs.com – A collaberative blogging site for helping new WoW players with gold making, leveling, and farming tips.

    http://www.diablo3goldtips.com – Making gold and real life cash in Diablo III.

    Use anything you like.
    Cold recently posted..Farming Dragon Whelpling Companions For WoW GoldMy Profile