18 May 2011

The Merits of Old Content

One of the discussions I hear popping up every so often is about old content. It’s a bit of a shame that every time a new tier of raiding comes out that the old tier gets abandoned, gathering dust and cobwebs. The Justice and Valour point system means that new raiders can skip old content completely, using heroic instances to buy raid gear and get into the current stuff.

Content from old expansions is even less less used unless there’s a mount or a legendary weapon that can be farmed from it. Molten Core is still useful for people wanting Thunderfury, but it’s not exactly a popular destination.

So what can you use old content for? Aside from mounts and legendaries, there’s a stack of achievements just waiting to be picked up. With the new guild achievement system there’s some easy points there for people that can get their guilds organised. Plus since most content can be zerged it’s a bit of fun, especially if you’re doing 25-man dungeons with ten people.

It also allows the veterans to give a bit of a history lesson on old raids…

How about you? What do you use old raids and content for? Are you hunting for all the guild achievements? Or do you something else to let off steam as a guild?

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