5 Sep 2010

Cataclysm UI: Mage Auras

I’m a big fan of the Power Auras addon. Ever since I got to grips with it, it’s been a huge boon to my play, purely because it displays high priority information in an easy-to-digest manner. Since it arrived on the scene, it’s been a must-have for anyone looking to customise their UI.

It’s no surprise then that Blizzard have decided to incorporate a large chunk of the Power Auras capability into the Cataclysm beta. With last week’s build (number 12857) this capability has been switched on by default. But what do they look like for mages? Hopefully this handy video will explain all

The auras themselves can be enabled through the interface menu, but there’s no fine tuning available. I’m hoping that the story doesn’t end here though. I’m hoping that the Power Auras addon will be able to plug into these new graphics and build on the new aura animations and effects in order to provide further customisation. I’ve already mentioned that Impact isn’t covered in the new auras, but I’d also like to see when things like Arcane Power or Combustion are off cooldown and ready to be used again.

It’s interesting to see Blizzard pick up and incorporate UI changes based on popular addons – Grid is another one that’s had an impact on how Party and Raid frames are displayed. It’s also going to be interesting to see if these concepts that originated from the community mod scene get picked up by other future MMOs. I’d like to see how far the idea of one simple addon can reach.

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