13 Jun 2010

Coming Back To Haunt Me

So, where to begin with this one. About three years ago I agreed to build a realm website for Earthen Ring, the roleplay realm I was on at the time. It was one of those things where I put it together, handed it over and pretty much left people to it. Needless to say the forum didn’t get maintained, the software didn’t get updated and it’s now a sprawling mess.

About a month ago, I was asked to give it a bit of a kick-start again. After taking backups and performing checks, I’ve moved everything over to a new architecture. And while Earthenring.EU currently looks fugly as hell, at least it has a solid foundation now on which I can build things. I’m currently tinkering with a number of things here and there in order to get things working right, but I’m learning a lot as I go so it’s a slow process.

This means that I’ve been getting cross and frustrated with web software, while Curio (my mage on the server) sits on the Cathedral steps and responds to questions in whispers etc. It also means that some of the blogposts I’ve got queueing up are having to wait a little until I can finish them off. I just hope you can be patient with me while I’m working on other things.

Luckily there have been several things to make me smile as I’ve been working away. So here’s a little link love to those great people who have helped make this whole thing slightly more bearable.


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