18 May 2010

Blizzcon? I’m Virtually There

The date for this year’s Blizzcon has been known for a while, but we’ve all been wondering when we’ll be able to lay our hands on some tickets. The great news is that tickets go on sale on June 2nd and 5th at $150 each. There’s more information about what you get for your bucks on the official Blizzcon site.

I’ll be watching it myself through the DirectTV feed. This year it’ll be multi-channel, so I can skip the PVP yawnathon and focus on the panels instead. Yay for choice!

As always though, the big question is what the in-game pet will be? In previous years the ‘con attendees and livestream subscribers have been given a small present, with last year’s being Grunty. Already the interwebs are rife with speculation on what this year’s will be.

Fortunately I can exclusively reveal that those of us attending Blizzcon (either in-person or virtually) will receive a Mini-Deathwing! As is traditional in these situations, there’s the obligatory screenshot below.

Blizzcon 2010 Mini-Deathwing Pet

I think you’ll agree this is definitely a pet worth getting, and easily beats any panel or new announcement that might come out during the weekend.

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