26 Apr 2010

An Interlude, with Music and Ice-Cream

There’s going to be an intermission at The Mana Obscura over the next week or so. Don’t worry though, normal service will resume on roughly 9th May give or take a few days either way. And to put your minds at ease, I’m not having surgery or real-life problems or anything of that nature.

You see, I’m getting married. More specifically, I’m marrying the lady who plays the gnome in the picture above.

We’ve been together for six years and living together for just over four. When we started dating we lived at other ends of the country, so we used MMOs as a cheap way of keeping in touch. We started with Horizons, but moved on to Warcraft on the day of release. I bought a copy for her as a Valentine’s Day present back in 2005 just so we could enjoy it with eachother.

Since then we’ve been playing together, questing together and raiding together. We’ve shared the highs and lows of guild achievements and guild drama, boss kills and burnouts.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think how lucky I am to be loved by the girl that I love, but who is also into gaming and geek culture. I couldn’t ask for a better friend, guildmate and wife.

So while I work on the last few stages of the “Getting Married” achievement, I’ll leave you with “Geek Like Me” by The Wonderstrucks.

See you all in a few weeks!

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22 Responses to An Interlude, with Music and Ice-Cream

  1. Angelya says:

    Awww, congrats to you both, and the very best of luck 🙂 I hope the day goes without a hitch!


  2. Vrykerion says:

    Congrats! And she plays a gnome? You are very lucky man indeed. 😀

  3. zelmaru says:

    I met my husband through an MMO so- geek couples rock! (We were gonna have Leia/Han figurines on top of our wedding cake, but we forgot to pack them.)

  4. Gypsy says:

    Congratulations! You’re so lucky to have a spouse to play with you and she’s lucky to have a man like you!

  5. Rhi says:

    I’m so excited for you both, and can’t wait to attend the wedding!

    All my love, to both of you.

  6. Grimmtooth says:


    Me and missus Grimmtooth met over the ‘net – FidoNet, precisely – back before these newfangled MMOsies came to be. All the same, it’s the same lovely story, and it’s great to see another pair come together over the ‘net. For what it’s worth, our anniversary is Feb 14 🙂

    Good fortune to you and the new missus, and many happy raids to you!


  7. Pilfkin says:

    “Honor, riches, marriage-blessing
    Long continuance, and increasing,
    Hourly joys be still upon you! ”

    All the best to you both!


  8. beep says:

    DON’T DO IT!!!

    But seriously folks…

    All the best to ya mate, I’m sure i’ll find SOMETIME to buy you a drink….at some point…one day…

  9. Pindle says:

    I had the same situation for 5 years. Sadly a few months before our planned wedding things fell apart. I’ll always miss those big pally heals while playing my undead tank but that’s about it these days. Now its the single life and LF healer random dungeons :p

  10. pewter says:

    Congratulations! 🙂 Hope ot all goes smoothly

  11. Jaedia says:

    Aww, already knew about this of course, you’re way too excited to keep it in 😛 but still, a heartfelt congrats, hope you have a great day and a great marriage! 🙂

    Met my other half through WoW in the first guild my Priest was in back in TBC, but it’s only been 2 and a half years for us so still a little way to go before we’re where you’re at 😉


  12. Len says:

    Congratulations!! Hope you guys have an awesome time 🙂

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  14. Aoirselvar says:

    Congrats!!! Its very nice to be able to share your hobbies with your significant other. (I know several people in my guild that have marriage problems because of WoW, much nicer to have it the other way around).

    You’ll have to go get yourself a tailor to make a wedding dress and tuxedo and get an “in-game” picture to post for us.

  15. Laoise says:

    Congrats to you both… Two great people in game, and loved by many on the realm we play on.

    From two nerds that are starting on the path of greater things together!

    Loads and loads of love

    Lao and Ecce

  16. Gazimoff says:

    Thanks everyone for all your kind words, they are very much appreciated! Fingers crossed everything will run smoothly on the big day itself, although the weather looks a bit dodgy!

    I’ll be sure to provide updates once we’re back for all those interested.

  17. Dvotee says:

    Ahh congrats to you both and thnx for the follow

    You are marrying a gnome…omg…..

    You are sooo lucky to find your life partner who loves wow. Jeez can’t believe the luck 🙂

    Have a great day!!

  18. Tarinae says:

    Aww Gaz! Congratulations! That is so incredibly awesome!

    This is me in all my girly glory begging to see pictures too 🙂

    I wish you guys the best!

    • Gazimoff says:

      Well, we’ve had some pictures that I’ve uploaded onto my facebook page, but we’ll be reviewing the professional ones in a few weeks. I’ll be sure to share the best when they’re ready 😉

  19. Zaeni says:

    Aww, many grats Gaz! Best wishes!