6 Apr 2010

Starting the Engine

I finally managed to get the Mekgineer’s Chopper made on Curio. I’m really pleased with it – he finally has the mount that suits him. It’s taken a while, but it’s definitely worth it. So to celebrate, I’ve been doing laps round Ironforge, laps round Dalaran, even laps round Mirage Raceway.

Thing is, doing laps round anything gets a bit mundane. I needed something more extreme. Something more dangerous. Something… with Dinosaurs. Like some grotesque hybrid of Mad Max and Jurrasic Park, I went to Un’Goro.

To make it even more interesting, I brought along a friend of mine called Theo. She’s been roleplaying a gnome locked at level 1 in anticipation of Gnome priests becoming available in Cataclysm. She was interested in getting the Noblegarden achievement Hard Boiled, so I figure it’s an ideal time. Besides, with a level 1 character in a jungle full of raptors what could possibly go wrong…

First, it was the raptors that spotted us…

Then the dimetetrons and these fiery elementals start trying to gang up on us. They think that they can corner us, but I manage to slip around them with inches to spare.

We finally made it to the hot springs and pick up the achievements. The area seems quiet. Almost a little too quiet…

With moments to spare, we realise why the area’s devoid of life –  there’s a devilsaur roaming around! There’s nothing I can do but drive!

Luckily we made it back to the flight point unscathed, with only a few minor scratches on the bike. Theo seemed to enjoy the trip too, although I’m not sure she’ll be heading back there in a hurry.

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