1 Apr 2010

The Campaign for Cheese Sculpting

Tired of finding your bags full of Stormwind Brie? Desperate to find a use for your Darnassian Bleu? How about invoking the magical properties of Dalaran Sharp? How about making these overlooked consumables useful? Read on and discover how Cheese Sculpting could be the profession for you.

Since time immemorial players have been confused by the cheese they’ve looted. Some believe that it’s a conspiracy by the Tauren to invade their diet with this perplexing produce. Others feel that the diminutive delicacy has no place in their bags. With the announcement of Cheese Sculpting as the new Secondary Profession in Cataclysm these items will finally have a use.

Unlocking the mysteries of the fascinating fromage is something that all players with the new expansion will be able to pick up, with the ability to cut and chisel the cheese being skilled up in much the same way as other professions. Uncut cheeses will be available from vendors and creatures in the same way that they are now, with the rarer (and more potent varieties) only being available from specific creatures.

Cheese sculptors will also be able to use a variety of different milks in order to prepare their own crafting materials. These milks, once suitably prepared by being left in your personal or guild bank for a period of time, may even evolve into rare cheeses that give further modifiers when sculpted.

But what can cheese sculpting do? A number of carvings have already been unveiled, each with their own formidable powers:

  • Proudmore’s Potent Sharp: Increases spell power by 150 when washed down with a Flask of Port.
  • Fermented Brie of Horror: When exposed to the air, causes all beasts and humanoids to flee for 5 seconds. Any undead within 50 yards will be drawn to the smell.
  • Battle-ready Darnassian Bleu: Fortifies you and your allies, increasing stamina by 50. May cause monsters to flee when attacked due to halitosis.

More carvings are promised, with the ability to combine two or more cheeses making more intricate carvings possible.

Sitting alongside Fish Feasts and Flasks, Cheese Sculptures are sure to be a key part of both heroics and raids as we reach the endgame phase of Cataclysm. Although the thought of skilling up another profession from scratch is daunting, the idea of going through the revamped game world as I go should make it worthwhile.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to my raid leader shouting “DEPLOY THE CHEESE” over vent though…

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