13 Mar 2010

Charting the Curve of Awesome

I’ve been levelling up a newbie mage using the Refer-a-Friend feature, and it’s been a slog. We’ve gone Hordeside and have no heirloom gear, so we’re relying on instance gear, random greenies and quest rewards to gear up. The slog is worth it though – I’m now getting to the stage where the new spells remind me how cool the class is. I even reckon that this coolness gets better as you level up, like mages have some kind of awesomeness amplifier built-in.

Let’s compare it with deathknights. With these guys it feels like all the awesomeness is blown in the first five minutes. It’s similar to a fireworks display – great to look at, but you’re picking up crap from the floor for weeks afterwards.

This is probably a symptom of what happens when you have a Bored Mage with PowerPoint. But it also reminds me of how things might change in Cataclysm. Will the Curve of Awesome look the same, or will the reshaping of the game world change how we feel about our favourite classes?

Honestly, I don’t have a clue. I just like graphs.

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