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14 Sep 2010

The Impending Release

There’s currently a lot of theorycrafting about the upcoming release of Cataclysm. Almost all commentators are agreed that it’s going to be out soon, but none of us quite agree on when exactly it’ll happen. Add to it the amount … Continue reading

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12 Jul 2010

Clearing My Head

Ugh, things have come to a head lately. I’ve been logging on, doing my thing and generally making my own fun. But for some reason something has been feeling amiss, like I’m dancing round the edge of a crater. I’ve … Continue reading

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13 Jun 2010

Coming Back To Haunt Me

So, where to begin with this one. About three years ago I agreed to build a realm website for Earthen Ring, the roleplay realm I was on at the time. It was one of those things where I put it … Continue reading

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3 Jun 2010

My Diamond Shoes are Too Tight

Yesterday was fantastic. I’d successfully travelled halfway across the country, got home and managed to get settled in front of the computer. For the first time in a few days I was planning on helping myself to a nice portion … Continue reading

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28 Mar 2010

Angry Mage is Angry

I managed to get pissed off at so many things yesterday. It seems laughable looking back on it, how can a videogame get me so worked up? It’s stupid, right? I mean, I’m a grown adult, so why let a … Continue reading

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