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29 Dec 2011

Questions To You: On Criticism

As we move into the new year I wanted to take some time to pose a handful of meta-questions. Instead of doing my usual role of talking about MMOs, I wanted to get some feedback from you on some broader … Continue reading

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12 Dec 2011

Five Things To Do Before SWTOR Launch

With the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic due tomorrow for Early Access preorder players and on 20th December for everyone else, now is the time to get those last minute pre-launch activities complete. With the hours ticking away … Continue reading

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23 Nov 2011

A Limit on Subscription MMOs?

With Star Wars: The Old Republic being less than a month away, the game seems to be treading the well-worn path of other top-flight MMOs in charging a subscription. For $14.99 or £8.99 a month you’ll be able to clash … Continue reading

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