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20 Jan 2012

SWTOR: The Retention Rate Question

Earlier today I was listening to Talk of the Galaxy over on Galactic Public Radio, when they reminded me that the month of game time bundled with the full version of the game was about to expire and that subscriptions … Continue reading

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10 Nov 2011

The Unknown Warcraft Subscriber

There’s been a flurry of commentary recently on the recent earnings call by Activision Blizzard, where they provide some highlights on their third quarter performance. If you’re interested in reading through the entire transcript of the call you can find … Continue reading

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2 Jul 2011

The Infinite Trial

I find it funny how the word “trial” can be taken in two ways. There’s the positive side – being able to sample something or try it out before you commit to it. After all, we all want something for … Continue reading

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