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16 Nov 2013

Mister Sparkles Mini: The Winners (Part 2)

At the end of October, I asked for people to design me a golem in order to win a Mister Sparkles Mini. The response has been overwhelming, with so many incredible responses. I really was amazed by the work everyone … Continue reading

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25 Oct 2013

Design a Golem, Win Mister Sparkles!

Earlier this month, I ran a competition where you could win a Mini Mister Sparkles for Guild Wars 2. But there was a catch: to enter, you needed to design a competition that someone else could win. It was a … Continue reading

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15 Oct 2013

Mister Sparkles Mini: The Winners (Part 1)

Wow, a lot of you really wanted to get your hands on a Mister Sparkles Mini! And thanks to the kind folks at ArenaNet, I’m able to share even more of them. I’ve chosen five winners this time around, and … Continue reading

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1 Oct 2013

Competition: Win a Mini Mister Sparkles!

Mister Sparkles. According to Zojja, he’s the best golem in all Rata Sum. He also has a rather interesting history, even before his adventures in Guild Wars 2. And now he can be yours. Well, at least a miniature version … Continue reading

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8 May 2012

Just Listen You Idiots!

It doesn’t matter what MMO I talk about, I’ve only ever played two thirds of the game. It doesn’t matter if it’s World of Warcraft, RIFT, Star Wars: The Old Republic or any of the countless other worlds I’ve kicked … Continue reading

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