What Is Mana Obscura?

Mana Obscura is an MMO blog that looks deeper into game design.

I (Gazimoff) started this blog back in March 2010 when I started to notice a pattern. It didn’t matter what MMO or RPG I was playing, I always ended up playing a spellcaster. You know the type – stands at the back waving his hands around like some fevered breakdance, throwing fireballs or rocks or raw arcane power at whoever the unlucky victim is.

Since then the blog has evolved. I spend more of my time digging into the MMOs that I play, looking at how they work and what new things they bring. I also look into the MMO genre, examining how it’s evolving and trying to work out where it’s heading. It doesn’t matter if it’s PC, console or mobile, it’s all fair game.

I’ll also occasionally look at the technology that powers our games. Sometimes this might be looking at new PC technology, other times I’ll be examining (or reviewing) some fancy new kit that’s designed to make our gaming lives better. There’s even the odd occasion where I look at the infrastructure that powers games behind the scenes.

As well as the blog here, there’s also a Youtube channel containing guides, tutorials and other goodness. There’s also a partner podcast run by a few good friends if you’re looking to get your MMO updates on the move.

If you’re keen to find out more about me and my gaming history you can do so here. If you’d like to get in contact for whatever reason, just drop me a mail at gazimoff@manaobscura.com.

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