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29 May 2012

Gaming: The Journey to Service Saturation

I’m going to start with a bit of a history lesson. Back when I was a kid, we used to go to the games store and buy a cassette tape. We’d take it home, play it into the machine, and … Continue reading

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15 May 2012

“I’ll Wait Till It’s Free”

When I started playing MMOs, it seemed that the genre was split into two camps. Subscription based games were seen as champions of quality, coupled with legendary customer service. By contrast, free to play games were looked down upon with … Continue reading

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8 May 2012

Just Listen You Idiots!

It doesn’t matter what MMO I talk about, I’ve only ever played two thirds of the game. It doesn’t matter if it’s World of Warcraft, RIFT, Star Wars: The Old Republic or any of the countless other worlds I’ve kicked … Continue reading

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5 May 2012

The Trans-Temporal MMO Sausage

I’m incredibly excited by the future of MMO gaming. This year alone, the launch of TERA, Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World shows that developers aren’t afraid to experiment with new concepts in order to keep the genre alive … Continue reading

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2 May 2012

You Can Write Too!

Boxes of chocolates are like boxes of frogs. They’re both boxes. Unfortunately, that’s where the similarity ends, as anyone who’s received a box of frogs on Valentine’s Day will surely agree. So, boxes of frogs are actually nothing like boxes … Continue reading

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