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30 Sep 2011

Reminiscing Isn’t What It Used To Be

Today’s article is a guest post from Bordy. Patch 4.3 in WoW will introduce the long-heralded art of Transmogrification; the ability (at a cost)to convert the look (but not the stats) of your current kit to match that of other … Continue reading

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27 Sep 2011

The Brutal End of MMOs

There was no Armageddon The camera plays over a derelict ruined city, buildings half-buried in the sand, bleached dune grass desperately clinging on. The dry wind howls. We saw the end coming. Those who could leave did so. Those who … Continue reading

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26 Sep 2011

MMOs: Heading in Three Directions

One of the allegations I often hear thrown at the MMO genre is that it’s become stale and generic, with newer games rushing out to mimic the most common or popular features instead of innovating and looking at new ways … Continue reading

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22 Sep 2011

Claiming Sanctuary From Griefers

One of the parts of MMO content that I often overlook are in-game events. These small pockets of in-game happenings can last anything from a couple of hours to a few weeks, providing players with an alternative to other activities. … Continue reading

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19 Sep 2011

What Is Skill?

There’s an argument kicking round at the moment that MMOs require no skill in order to play them. This statement is both completely correct and utterly wrong. How can a statement contradict itself? Let me try to explain. If I … Continue reading

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