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30 Aug 2011

Google Cannot Make Good MMOs

I’ve been mulling over a question for a few days about how we choose which MMOs to play. What draws us to one game world over another, how some attributes are more important to each of us than others. I’m … Continue reading

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26 Aug 2011

The Flaming Kitty Copter

Crafting is one of those things I love about MMOs. Being able to gather stuff in the game world and make items from them always makes me smile. It doesn’t even matter if they’re useful or not as long as … Continue reading

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24 Aug 2011

Fear of the Fansites

Back in May 2010 the Warcraft blogging community were asked if they’d consider writing for the World of Warcraft Official Magazine. I have to be honest with you: I considered it, asked a few questions but ultimately didn’t go through … Continue reading

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23 Aug 2011

The Lure of the Franchise

I was recently chatting to a friend about how we felt about Warcraft these days. We were both a little jaded and going through the same cycle of log in, raid, log out. I can just imagine a line of … Continue reading

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21 Aug 2011

Is It Fun?

I was recently reminded about something that happened during a recent-ish beta. I’ll spare the blushes of the game involved by not mentioning names, but I’ll share this little episode. There was a bit of a conversation on the beta … Continue reading

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