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26 May 2011

PC Gaming Is Dead

Looking at the PC section of my local video games store is a depressing sight. The shelves that were once pride of place are now consigned to the back, flanked by preowned console games. The content of these shelves isn’t … Continue reading

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23 May 2011

The Best Warcraft Smartphone

We’ve all been there, pouring over the various websites looking at glitzy marvels of glass, metal and plastic. But how do you decide which one is best? More importantly, how do you decide which is the best one for Warcraft? … Continue reading

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21 May 2011

What Is Hardcore?

Just what is a hardcore guild anyway? And how do you define a hardcore player? This has been a pretty big question for me and the guild I’m in. Ask around and you’ll probably get a different answer from every … Continue reading

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18 May 2011

The Merits of Old Content

One of the discussions I hear popping up every so often is about old content. It’s a bit of a shame that every time a new tier of raiding comes out that the old tier gets abandoned, gathering dust and … Continue reading

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13 May 2011

Mages and Patch 4.2

A lot of us have been in a kind of holding pattern since 4.1 came out. Some of us have been focused on mopping up the current tier of raiding, like a roast dinner with lashings of gravy that you … Continue reading

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