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26 Mar 2011

An Appreciation of Developers

Earlier this week I stumbled on a brilliant idea from Scarybooster. For a couple of years now he’s been running Developer Appreciation Week, a chance for us to say thanks to all those in the video games industry who make … Continue reading

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23 Mar 2011

Burnout By The Numbers

It’s ironic that almost a year ago I was writing about the same topic and how to cope with it. Back then, players were complaining about being burned out with Wrath. They’d done everything they wanted to, achieved what they … Continue reading

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20 Mar 2011

Blueprint for a Next-Gen MMO Machine

This post is part two in my series on the Next-Gen MMO Machine. The first part is about salvaging and keeping your existing good stuff, while the part on getting the latest accessories is still to come! Once I’ve worked … Continue reading

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18 Mar 2011

Building the Next-Gen MMO Machine

Part One: Laying The Foundations I’ve been hoping to pull this off for a while now. My faithful companion, commonly known as “Gazdesktop” but affectionately known as “that black monolith that weighs a ton” is finally going to be upgraded. … Continue reading

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11 Mar 2011

My Folly Against The Entitlesloth

I feel like a conflict has been brewing inside of me for the past few days. It’s one of those horrible conflicts of ideologies that I can’t see any easy way to resolve. And what makes it worse is that … Continue reading

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