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30 Aug 2010

Mages Making Money

By most estimates, Cataclysm is two to four months away from release. With it, everything relating to crafting and professions changes again. Some materials will become junk for a time, while others will soar in value. People are also playing … Continue reading

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24 Aug 2010

Of Polygons and Principles

I’m taking a break from my regular Warcraft posts to ask a basic question – is there a game that you have chosen not to play purely for moral reasons? That’s not to say that the style of game isn’t … Continue reading

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23 Aug 2010

Entering The Youtubes

Spoiler Warning: Video of new mage Cataclysm spells and Fire mage rotations. Filmed in Ironforge, so no location-based spoilers in this one. There’s more to come, so subscribe to the Youtube channel! One thing I promised to do as part … Continue reading

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18 Aug 2010

Will My Computer Run Cataclysm?

The most common question I get asked about Cataclysm is “will it run on my computer?” Not something about mages, not what the new zones are like. Not even how I’m finding it, or how much testing I’ve done. It … Continue reading

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15 Aug 2010

Beta Patch – The Pyromaniac’s Impact

Spoiler Alert: Discussion of Mage changes in patch 12759. In this article, I’ll also be focusing on Impact, Pyromaniac and AoE talents and how they’ll work together in a solo, dungeon and raid environment. A whole slew of mage changes … Continue reading

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