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22 Sep 2011

Claiming Sanctuary From Griefers

One of the parts of MMO content that I often overlook are in-game events. These small pockets of in-game happenings can last anything from a couple of hours to a few weeks, providing players with an alternative to other activities. … Continue reading

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5 Sep 2011

In Defence of the Trifecta

In almost every MMO that I’ve played there have been three classic roles to choose from. A tank is the one who soaks the damage for a party, a healer keeps the party standing and the DPS are there to … Continue reading

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20 Aug 2011

Style Is Everything?

NCSoft are currently working on two MMOs. We’ve known about Guild Wars 2 for a while but the big reveal was Wildstar, a game that most of us had never heard of until the start of Gamescom. The games couldn’t … Continue reading

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