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25 Sep 2013

WildStar: Ship Shape with Shiphands

If you think that dungeons and raids are the only instances you’ll find in WildStar, prepare to be corrected. A few weeks ago, WildStar content designer and zone lead Kristen “Caydiem” DeMeza posted on the WildStar Central forums about a … Continue reading

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19 Aug 2013

WildStar: Down to Business

It’s been a while in coming, but the news is finally out: WildStar is going with a hybrid subscription model. We’ll pay once for the box (with a free month thrown in), then pay every month for continued access to … Continue reading

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9 Aug 2013

Celebrating the Wrinkles

WildStar already holds my attention as an upcoming MMO. But in among the regular feature updates and videos, there’s a special reason why I’m watching it closely. It’s the first time in a very long time that I’ve watched a … Continue reading

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17 May 2013

WildStar: The Flying Mount Frenzy

In the main, WildStar’s development is going smoothly. Led by a team of veterans who have worked on almost every MMO released, the Orange County developer hasn’t put a foot wrong. Every decision they’ve made has been warmly welcomed by … Continue reading

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31 Dec 2011

To The Future!

What a year it’s been! There’s been a couple of major launches with both RIFT and Star Wars: The Old Republic attracting a lot of attention and enjoying success. There’s been a whole series of subscription MMOs switching to a … Continue reading

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