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5 Jan 2011

Mage Stat Priority in 4.0

For many of us, January marks the beginning of Cataclysm raiding. It’s time to start getting those gear upgrades from heroic dungeons, digging out those gems and finishing everything off with a nice coat of enchants. This can be fairly … Continue reading

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26 Oct 2010

Ratings and Mage 4.0

Back in Wrath, mages were driven by a small number of key stats. Spellpower and Haste Rating were key, with Crit Rating coming a distant third for all specs except Fire. Bringing up the rear were Spirit and Intellect, with … Continue reading

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9 Oct 2010

The Mage 4.0 Compendium

The game of Warcraft is changing. In the next few weeks the first of a series of patches will be pushed to the live severs. The first of these patches (4.0.1) will bring with it the core changes to all … Continue reading

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15 Aug 2010

Beta Patch – The Pyromaniac’s Impact

Spoiler Alert: Discussion of Mage changes in patch 12759. In this article, I’ll also be focusing on Impact, Pyromaniac and AoE talents and how they’ll work together in a solo, dungeon and raid environment. A whole slew of mage changes … Continue reading

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6 Aug 2010

Entering Beta: The 80 Fire Mage

Spoiler Alert: Discussion of the latest changes to fire mages in build 12694. Also covering a few general and mage related UI changes and some speculation around what they indicate. The latest beta realm patch was recently released, bringing with … Continue reading

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