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15 Nov 2010

Mage Tier 11 Preview

With the new Cataclysm raids comes a new set of armour for Mages to drool over. The Firelord’s Vestments have certainly won praise for their looks, but how does it stack up as a fully-fledged dungeon set? Will the complete … Continue reading

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6 Aug 2010

Entering Beta: The 80 Fire Mage

Spoiler Alert: Discussion of the latest changes to fire mages in build 12694. Also covering a few general and mage related UI changes and some speculation around what they indicate. The latest beta realm patch was recently released, bringing with … Continue reading

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21 Jun 2010

The Flaming Boomerang

Ever since patch 3.3.3 was released I’ve been thinking of switching back to my Fire spec. It made me  feel nostalgic about the early days of Warcraft, where I originally levelled as a fire mage. I only deviated from this … Continue reading

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6 Mar 2010

Hit It Like You Mean It

Ask a mage to talk about the Hit Cap, and you’ll probably get a tirade of ranting. They’ll start to froth at the mouth as this haze of madness descends upon them, a rage of arguments involving calculations and forecasts … Continue reading

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3 Mar 2010

What the stat?

One of the things that really irritates me sometimes is the huge number of stats that accompany games these days. You tend to expect it a lot in RPGs, where each attribute can be measured, quantified and manipulated by your … Continue reading

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