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26 Aug 2017

Broadband Blunders & Mac Machinations

This is a story in two parts, both revolving around a simple desire: to turn my ageing MacBook Air into a simple gaming machine. Bought in late 2013, it was nearing the end of its useful life as a workhorse, … Continue reading

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19 Nov 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic – First Impressions

The NDA for Star Wars: The Old Republic has now been lifted and I’m finally free to share my opinions with you. In theory this would mean that I’d be unleashing a huge mega-post containing details of every single nuance … Continue reading

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26 Sep 2011

MMOs: Heading in Three Directions

One of the allegations I often hear thrown at the MMO genre is that it’s become stale and generic, with newer games rushing out to mimic the most common or popular features instead of innovating and looking at new ways … Continue reading

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17 Aug 2011

A Thoroughly European Convention

Besides keeping an eye on new releases, there are traditionally a handful of important dates in the gaming calendar. The season starts with the Game Developers Conference in early March, sweeps through to E3 in June. You then get a … Continue reading

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18 Mar 2011

Building the Next-Gen MMO Machine

Part One: Laying The Foundations I’ve been hoping to pull this off for a while now. My faithful companion, commonly known as “Gazdesktop” but affectionately known as “that black monolith that weighs a ton” is finally going to be upgraded. … Continue reading

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