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18 Sep 2011

Smile Week: Gold-Plated Memories

It’s been a week since I started talking about the things I find great about MMOs. In that time I’ve looked at a whole bunch of stuff from how the games are built to how they’re supported. In the final … Continue reading

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16 Sep 2011

Smile Week: Supermassive Systems

Previously on Smile Week I’ve talked about how MMOs are changing mobile gaming, how the developers are more open with the community and how much work they put into art, music and worldbuilding. Today I’m going to talk about something … Continue reading

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15 Sep 2011

Smile Week: Atmospherics & Acoustics

How many times have you been playing through your favourite MMO, only to pause for a moment and say “Oh, wow…” Screenshot Likewise, how many times have you been in a quest, dungeon or even a raid and caught a … Continue reading

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13 Sep 2011

Smile Week: Dialogue Options

Today’s entry in Smile Week is a bit of compare and contrast. As MMO gamers we’re a bit of a fortunate bunch when it comes to developers and publishers. We’re looked after, listened to and cared for much more than … Continue reading

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12 Sep 2011

Smile Week: Incredible Ubiquity

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how I was going to kick off Smile Week. About which ideas I’d pull together and what stories I’d share. Unfortunately I’d spent a lot of time thinking and not very … Continue reading

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