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21 Dec 2010

My 3 Warcraft Christmas Wishes

Every year we ask each other what we would wish for Christmas. For some of us it’s something sensible like a new computer chair, while for others it’s something crazy like a Nerf Havok. Either way, we all have something … Continue reading

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19 Nov 2010

The Machine Behind The Curtain

I’m going to start this off with a question. Does the amount of fun you have with Warcraft decrease as the amount you know about the game increases? I’ve been thinking about this question ever since I read an article … Continue reading

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8 Aug 2010

Under The Sea

Spoiler Alert: Pictures of fish! With funny names! And funny faces! And nothing at all to do with anything else really, apart from the funny fishes! It’s not even mage-y! As you probably know already, Cataclysm ushers in a whole … Continue reading

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20 Jul 2010

Games Within Games Within Games

I used to exclusively play single-player games, drifting from title to title from month to month. After I’d finished eating through the content that the developers had created, the game was finished for me. Achievements or multiplayer modes didn’t exist … Continue reading

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5 Jul 2010

My You’re a Tall One

Over in Dalaran they’ve been breeding their Gnome Mages big. I mean, really big. Bigger than a Tauren, and you have to admit that’s pretty big. Of course I’m not expecting you to take it on trust, so I’ve included … Continue reading

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