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9 Aug 2013

Celebrating the Wrinkles

WildStar already holds my attention as an upcoming MMO. But in among the regular feature updates and videos, there’s a special reason why I’m watching it closely. It’s the first time in a very long time that I’ve watched a … Continue reading

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20 Jun 2012

Building a Character: Bay Stuggs

I’m a strange breed of MMO player. Even though I love raiding, questing and the occasional spot of PVP, I have been known to dabble in the mysterious arts of roleplaying. It’s a habbit – creating a character in a … Continue reading

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10 Feb 2011

Managing Limited Game Time

There are times when I miss my youth. Back when I was a student I’d be free to play the night away, blasting cyborgs in Quake 2 or bludgeoning head-crabs in Half-Life. I’d blitz through a game in four days … Continue reading

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31 Oct 2010

The Back Seat Guild Leader

Ever get the feeling that you’re standing at a crossroads, looking down at the various prongs of a Morton’s Fork? It’s a position that an increasing number of players are finding themselves in during the run up to Cataclysm, and … Continue reading

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6 Oct 2010

A Socially Aware Warcraft?

When I think of MMOs, I generally think of games that are rick in social interaction. Alongside the gigantic world and the rich environments are dedicated tools specifically designed to help players interact with each other. But although Warcraft has … Continue reading

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