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7 Oct 2011

Time to Change Quest Mechanics

I’ve recently started playing Rift again after taking a break for about four months. It’s impressive to see how far the game has progressed – talents and abilities have been revamped, the artwork has been improved and a ton of … Continue reading

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2 Oct 2011

Review: Razer Naga Molten

Last week I took the plunge and decided to order a new mouse. My trusty Logitech mx518 just wasn’t up to the challenge and I’d been eyeing up a rival for months – the Razer Naga. I’d been on the … Continue reading

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8 May 2011

Warcraft, Rift and Fun

I’m not sure if I announced this anywhere, but back in March I took a month long holiday from Warcraft to play Rift. I felt a little jaded from the game and needed to take a break, much like I … Continue reading

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18 Mar 2011

Building the Next-Gen MMO Machine

Part One: Laying The Foundations I’ve been hoping to pull this off for a while now. My faithful companion, commonly known as “Gazdesktop” but affectionately known as “that black monolith that weighs a ton” is finally going to be upgraded. … Continue reading

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13 Feb 2011

Comparing Mages: Warcraft Vs. Rift

There’s a common theme among fantasy MMOs. It doesn’t matter what game it is, you can expect to find the same three character classes. There’ll always be a plate wearing warrior type that’s ready to soak up the damage and … Continue reading

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