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29 Nov 2011

The Gaming Couple & Star Wars

Earlier this week we finally preordered Star Wars: The Old Republic. The decision wasn’t based on the recent beta weekend – we’d decided months ago that this was the next game we were going to play. Instead it was purely … Continue reading

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7 Oct 2011

Time to Change Quest Mechanics

I’ve recently started playing Rift again after taking a break for about four months. It’s impressive to see how far the game has progressed – talents and abilities have been revamped, the artwork has been improved and a ton of … Continue reading

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1 Aug 2011

Review: PingCraft LagKiller (Part 1)

Warcraft can be a challenging game at the best of times. Whether it’s fighting raid bosses, battling it out in arenas or just trying to cram daily quests into our hectic schedule we all want to be playing at our … Continue reading

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8 May 2011

Warcraft, Rift and Fun

I’m not sure if I announced this anywhere, but back in March I took a month long holiday from Warcraft to play Rift. I felt a little jaded from the game and needed to take a break, much like I … Continue reading

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25 Apr 2011

Playing Cards at the Carnival

Confession time: I like to take my time when levelling characters. I’ve tried levelling at breakneck speed and it just isn’t for me. Nowadays I prefer to take things at my own pace – I have a bunch of alts … Continue reading

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