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8 Sep 2016

The Legion Dungeon Love-Affair

‘Thank you for fetching my tools, Wilkins. But, before I can teach you the secrets of Mid-Legion Tailoring, you must carry out one more task’ ‘Yes, Master?’ The scruffy young apprentice looked up, hope welling in his big eyes. ‘Indeed. … Continue reading

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10 Feb 2011

Managing Limited Game Time

There are times when I miss my youth. Back when I was a student I’d be free to play the night away, blasting cyborgs in Quake 2 or bludgeoning head-crabs in Half-Life. I’d blitz through a game in four days … Continue reading

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24 Sep 2010

Becoming a Better Barker

I’m probably what you’d call a semi-casual auctioneer. I have a dedicated bank alt and a clutch of addons to help me sell stuff. I tend to avoid risk though – I deal in raw materials, BoE blue gear and … Continue reading

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30 Aug 2010

Mages Making Money

By most estimates, Cataclysm is two to four months away from release. With it, everything relating to crafting and professions changes again. Some materials will become junk for a time, while others will soar in value. People are also playing … Continue reading

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14 Jun 2010

Under the Hood

Spoiler alert: In-depth discussion of the planned changes to Cataclysm, primarily focusing on mechanics and core engine changes, leveling experience and endgame experience. All information here is public knowledge unless specified. Over the weekend an avalanche of news came out … Continue reading

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