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1 Mar 2012

And Now We Are Two

Another year, another anniversary! It’s now been two years since I started Mana Obscura, intending to share my views on mages in World of Warcraft. Since then it’s been an adventure through several different MMOs, from Lord of the Rings … Continue reading

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16 Jan 2012

The Best Raids: Past, Present Or Future?

Last week a subject cropped up in one of the article discussions: is Warcraft raiding getting steadily better all the time, or has it reached a peak and is in decline. Answering this by itself can go either way – … Continue reading

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3 Dec 2011

SWTOR Space Combat: Missed Opportunity

As I’ve been playing the beta for Star Wars: The Old Republic, I’ve been trying to experience as much of the game as possible. A significant chunk of that is the Space Combat minigame. Basically this involves using the ship … Continue reading

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30 Sep 2011

Reminiscing Isn’t What It Used To Be

Today’s article is a guest post from Bordy. Patch 4.3 in WoW will introduce the long-heralded art of Transmogrification; the ability (at a cost)to convert the look (but not the stats) of your current kit to match that of other … Continue reading

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18 Sep 2011

Smile Week: Gold-Plated Memories

It’s been a week since I started talking about the things I find great about MMOs. In that time I’ve looked at a whole bunch of stuff from how the games are built to how they’re supported. In the final … Continue reading

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