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15 Apr 2012

Annual Pass: A Post Mortem

I promise this article is going to be the last thing I write about the World of Warcraft Annual Pass. Once this is finished, I’m done with the whole sorry saga. To me, the whole process has been a great … Continue reading

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31 Dec 2011

To The Future!

What a year it’s been! There’s been a couple of major launches with both RIFT and Star Wars: The Old Republic attracting a lot of attention and enjoying success. There’s been a whole series of subscription MMOs switching to a … Continue reading

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14 Nov 2011

The Supermassive Beta

How many beta testers does it take to change a lightbulb? The rather surprising answer is 89. Fifty to just carry on as if light doesn’t matter and continue killing swamp rats or whatever. Ten to raise a ticket complaining … Continue reading

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24 Oct 2011

Looking Through The Mists

This weekend has been a firehose of information. Although I’ve never been to a BlizzCon in-person (something I hope to rectify), I’ve been glued to the internet and live streams for information. There’s nothing quite like getting the latest on … Continue reading

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14 Oct 2011

How Warcraft Will Never End

As Blizzcon rapidly approaches there’s a ton of speculation about what will be announced. Hopes are high for a new World of Warcraft expansion, although details are sketchy about what it may contain. The trademark ‘Mists of Pandaria’ has been … Continue reading

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