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19 Sep 2011

What Is Skill?

There’s an argument kicking round at the moment that MMOs require no skill in order to play them. This statement is both completely correct and utterly wrong. How can a statement contradict itself? Let me try to explain. If I … Continue reading

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19 Aug 2011

Getting the Most out of Game Time

I find being a gamer these days is pretty tough. There are a ton of good quality titles out there that I’m desperate to try out. I want to get my teeth into every single one of them and wring … Continue reading

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2 Jul 2011

The Infinite Trial

I find it funny how the word “trial” can be taken in two ways. There’s the positive side – being able to sample something or try it out before you commit to it. After all, we all want something for … Continue reading

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23 Mar 2011

Burnout By The Numbers

It’s ironic that almost a year ago I was writing about the same topic and how to cope with it. Back then, players were complaining about being burned out with Wrath. They’d done everything they wanted to, achieved what they … Continue reading

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4 Dec 2010

Mage Resources Need You!

It’s incredible to think that we’re days away from the next expansion. In less than a week, we’ll be doing the new quests, entering the new dungeons and collecting the new gear. Expansions are the great equaliser – everyone starts … Continue reading

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