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8 Sep 2016

The Legion Dungeon Love-Affair

‘Thank you for fetching my tools, Wilkins. But, before I can teach you the secrets of Mid-Legion Tailoring, you must carry out one more task’ ‘Yes, Master?’ The scruffy young apprentice looked up, hope welling in his big eyes. ‘Indeed. … Continue reading

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16 Sep 2013

Crafting and CREDD

Have you ever heard of the tale about the everlasting fan belt? The story starts with a small inventor who became frustrated at high garage bills for maintaining his car. Every time he visited for a seemingly minor problem, the … Continue reading

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19 Dec 2011

SWTOR: The Broken Mess of Crew Skills

Over the last few days I’ve been digging into the crafting system in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This isn’t something I really got into during beta – I was too busy waving around my lightsaber and shooting lightning from … Continue reading

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4 Apr 2010

The Impossible Saronite

I’ve been setting myself goals for my characters recently in order to give me more of a reason to play them. For Curio I’ve decided to go for the Mekgineer’s Chopper, as it’s the only character I have that would … Continue reading

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