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23 Mar 2011

Burnout By The Numbers

It’s ironic that almost a year ago I was writing about the same topic and how to cope with it. Back then, players were complaining about being burned out with Wrath. They’d done everything they wanted to, achieved what they … Continue reading

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7 Mar 2011

Caster Legendary Staff: The Lowdown

UPDATE: I’ve done a big roundup of all the most important news relating to Dragonwrath, along with a guide on how to make sure you get one as quickly as possible. You can find all this and more here! It’s … Continue reading

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4 Mar 2011

What Cataclysm Means to World PVP

This guest post is from Bordy, a longtime friend who doesn’t have a blog of his own and so decided to use mine. You can find him on Twitter @snuffleorc. Who among us Vanilla Veterans does not look fondly back … Continue reading

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24 Feb 2011

Looking For Dramatic Change

If you ever wanted a minute by minute reading of why tanks and healers feel special, you need look no further than the infamous Looking for Dungeon tool. It’s a bit radical to see tanks get insta-pop dungeons and healers … Continue reading

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2 Feb 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Raidgroup

I wanted to focus on a particular experiment that Blizzard’s been working on over the years – that of the optimum raid size.  We’ve seen raid sizes start at 40 players in Vanilla, but slowly drop to 25 in Burning … Continue reading

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