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14 Jul 2011

Tired of MMOs?

There’s been a discussion kicking around Twitter for the past week or so, which seemed to end up with a single question. I think it was probably best said by Wolfshead: “is there anything left to say about today’s MMOs … Continue reading

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22 Jan 2011

5 Ways to Help The Warcraft Community

I was flicking through the list of recent blue posts when I came across this little gem on the EU forums. Turns out that there’s a lot of thread deletion going on, particularly when a topic gets derailed or descends … Continue reading

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29 Dec 2010

Blog Azeroth Secret Santa

Every year Blog Azeroth organises a Secret Santa event where bloggers from across the community write guest posts for each other. This year was the first time I entered, with Arphalas from The Dark Order pulling my blog in the … Continue reading

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4 Dec 2010

Mage Resources Need You!

It’s incredible to think that we’re days away from the next expansion. In less than a week, we’ll be doing the new quests, entering the new dungeons and collecting the new gear. Expansions are the great equaliser – everyone starts … Continue reading

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18 Oct 2010

Where Did The Obscurecast Go?

It’s been a quiet week on the pages of Mana Obscura. There’s normally an update here at least twice a week, but the last post was nearly ten days ago. Ten days. That’s over a week, in case you’re counting. … Continue reading

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