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29 Dec 2011

Questions To You: On Criticism

As we move into the new year I wanted to take some time to pose a handful of meta-questions. Instead of doing my usual role of talking about MMOs, I wanted to get some feedback from you on some broader … Continue reading

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19 Nov 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic – First Impressions

The NDA for Star Wars: The Old Republic has now been lifted and I’m finally free to share my opinions with you. In theory this would mean that I’d be unleashing a huge mega-post containing details of every single nuance … Continue reading

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14 Nov 2011

The Supermassive Beta

How many beta testers does it take to change a lightbulb? The rather surprising answer is 89. Fifty to just carry on as if light doesn’t matter and continue killing swamp rats or whatever. Ten to raise a ticket complaining … Continue reading

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21 Aug 2011

Is It Fun?

I was recently reminded about something that happened during a recent-ish beta. I’ll spare the blushes of the game involved by not mentioning names, but I’ll share this little episode. There was a bit of a conversation on the beta … Continue reading

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13 Feb 2011

Comparing Mages: Warcraft Vs. Rift

There’s a common theme among fantasy MMOs. It doesn’t matter what game it is, you can expect to find the same three character classes. There’ll always be a plate wearing warrior type that’s ready to soak up the damage and … Continue reading

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