SWTOR Resource List

This index is a list of fansites, blogs, podcasts, communities and more for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I started putting this list together as part of my own research into the MMO, but decided to share it in the hopes of getting even more resources included.

If you’ve got the name of a site or a link you’d like to share, either post it in the comments or email me at gazimoff@manaobscura.com and I’ll make sure it gets added to the list. I’d also like to add pages that are particularly useful guides as well, so feel free to suggest single posts too!

Finally, if something’s been mislabled or miscategorised, or the description of the resource is just plain wrong then let me know and I’ll update it.

SWTOR Guides

Feel free to suggest some! All topics considered – crafting, companions, flashpoints, operations, classes, advanced classes, crew skills – anything you like! Bonus points if it’s something unique that isn’t covered elsewhere.

SWTOR Mega Sites

These are some of the biggest news and opinion websites dedicated to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Usually with paid staff members working around the clock, these are the places that fans rely on to keep them updated.

SWTOR Podcasts, Vidcasts and Streams

Rather than relying on the written word, these sites use audio and video to get their message across.

SWTOR Dedicated Blogs and Sites

The blogsphere is an incredible resource, often rich in opinion, analysis and comment. While the mega-sites will usually tell you what’s going on, these places will tell you what it means and how players feel. They’re also a great place to find specialist knowledge and guides.

SWTOR Communities

These might be forums for a particular server or a particular aspect of the SWTOR community. Whatever it is, these sites specialise in bringing players together.

Blogs with Occasional SWTOR Coverage

These places might not be writing about SWTOR exclusively, but they help to put the MMO in more of a genre context.

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