Guest Posts

I’m trying to get a bit of breathing space at the moment. I’ve got a few projects that I need to push effort into in order to finish them off. I’ve also got a few new ideas that I’d like to test out and see if they’re viable. But all this means I need time, and it’s time that I’m short of.

If you’re willing to help me out (which would be awesome) then why not try your hand at writing a guest post?

If you’ve never tried blogging before, a guest post can be a great chance to give it a try. Got a burning issue you want to air or a different viewpoint on a topic? Put it into a guest post and air your views!

If you’re already have a blog, a guest post can be a chance to try your hand at a different set of topics or to reach a different group of readers. It can also be a lot of fun writing for a different group of people!

I’ll be sure to give you credit for your guest post, usually in the form of a paragraph at the end with a link to your own blog or website. If you don’t have one we can always discuss how to make this work for you.


I’m not an amazing writer and you don’t need to be either. All I’m asking is that your writing is coherent and suitable in pretty much the same way that you’d write an article you’d publish yourself.

Please also understand that I don’t want this to end up with guest posts that are copied in thousands of different locations. I’m hoping that you’d tailor your work for Mana Obscura, and I’d ask that if I use your article that you don’t republish it elsewhere.

How to do it

Still interested? Fantastic!

In the first instance please drop me a line through my contact form with an outline of your idea and we can take it from there. I promise to respond to every message even if I don’t accept all submissions.

Thanks for your help!