Over the years I’ve created a number of characters in order to try out different classes or new concepts. Here you’ll find details of the ones I’m currently playing and where they can be found. Feel free to drop in and say hello sometime!

Shaemus Wrenchsprocket

Gnome Mage – Earthen Ring [EU]

This was the first character I rolled in World of Warcraft, and the one closest to my heart. If I want to push for new gear, it’ll be on Shaemus. If I want to experience new dungeons, it’ll be this one that I want to take. Rare pets, mounts and so on all end up on this guy first and foremost. He’s dual-spec Fire/Arcane at present because although Arcane has better numbers for raiding with, Fire is the spec that gives me the most fun.

Shaemus was also the guy that I was playing hardcore during Vanilla WoW. With this guy I was clearing all 20 and 40 man content out there before Burning Crusade hit the shelves. I went through the pain of Molten Core and the legion of fire-resistant mobs, and the horror of the Temple of Ahn’Quiraj and those really ugly armour sets. If you catch me reminiscing or having a flashback moment, stop me!

Curio Cogs

Gnome Mage – Earthen Ring [EU]

Yes, I have two mages. I like mages. No, I’m not crazy.

This one was intended to be a roleplay experiment on a roleplay server. A comedy character that you could play for a bit to relieve stress and make people laugh, but nothing much else besides. Suddenly.. BLAMMO and he’s level 80. He’s still fun to play, but just has a bit more flexibility about him.

Curio’s gear is whatever I can scavenge, as I don’t tend to raid or run heroics much with him. As a result, he has this general look as if he’s run through a clown convention wearing a velcro bodysuit. Hrm…

He’s almost always accompanied by his faithful Gorloc Hatchling, who he calls Ernie-fu. He’s trying to train young Ernie to be a mage, with mixed results. All Ernie cares about is where his next boiled egg is coming from.


Draenei Priest – Earthen Ring [EU]

This guy is all about providing flexibility to my guildmates and providing me with different options on who to play.

Funnily enough, I don’t want to go out and do incredible amounts of damage every day. Sometimes I prefer to kick back and heal a little. That’s where this guy comes in. I currently play him as Holy, although I’m toying with the idea of switching his secondary spec to Discipline as I don’t tend to get on with the Shadow DPS mechanics.

Although I raid with Mendelev. it tends to be a bracket behind where Shaemus might be. He’s healed his way through the Trial of the Crusader, but has only ventured slightly into Icecrown Citadel.

Voltimand and Biscuit

Human Warlock – Steamwheedle Cartel [EU]

My original alt from vanilla WoW, Voltimand was intended to be a plain herbalism/alchemy alt to keep me in flasks and potions for raiding. He’d also go on the occasional fun run as well.

When Burning Crusade hit, everyone was rerolling Mage for some reason. Voltimand got a bit more playtime because everyone still wanted a warlock for Curse of Elements. In the end though, he got pushed back on the shelf.

I’ve recently spent some time getting Voltimand back up to level cap, and he’s slowly picking up Triumph badge gear. There’s no current rush for him to grab anything, as he’s unlikely to be raiding anywhere this side of Cataclysm.