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17 Mar 2012

Guild Wars 2: Spellcasters Quick Guide

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll probably notice that I have an ongoing love-affair with spellcasters in MMOs. Call it a mage, wizard or sorcerer – if it hurls magic then I’ll probably be playing it. … Continue reading

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17 Aug 2011

A Thoroughly European Convention

Besides keeping an eye on new releases, there are traditionally a handful of important dates in the gaming calendar. The season starts with the Game Developers Conference in early March, sweeps through to E3 in June. You then get a … Continue reading

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10 Jun 2011

Firelands Legendary Staff: Get Ready!

Patch 4.2 is looming towards us at a steady pace, bringing with it a whole truckload of shiny new stuff for us to get stuck into. The current best guess is that it’ll be hitting live servers on 21st June … Continue reading

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13 May 2011

Mages and Patch 4.2

A lot of us have been in a kind of holding pattern since 4.1 came out. Some of us have been focused on mopping up the current tier of raiding, like a roast dinner with lashings of gravy that you … Continue reading

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21 Apr 2011

Mages & PvP – Fun, Lethal, or Both?

This guest post is from Bordy, a veteran player of games and dealer in lethal puns. You can find his unique brand of humour on Twitter @snuffleorc I have played WoW since the retail release. Gazimoff is the one to … Continue reading

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